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First Week of College

Hello Gorgeous People! So I just had my first week of college & so far I'm surviving... 17 & in college can be tricky, but at Belmont University you are constantly surrounded by encouraging people. I expected myself to be extremely homesick & not ready for this next step in my life, but I feel at home. Life hasn't been the best lately & there has been a lot of drama & heartache in my life in the past couple months, but I think I am finally ready to trust God's plan & take a step forward & let go all of this pain I have built up inside of me. Never let anyone decide your worth because you don't even understand your own worth, none of us do. We have a God who specifically designed & created each & every single one of us, He calls us his sons & daughters. How does that not speak wonders on how incredible you are as a human being?? Never forget that : You're unique & no one in this world is just like you, so don't be afraid to show the world the incredible person you are. College so far is great, even in just one week I've learned that although I see people who resemble me, no one is just like me & there is a reason God has placed me at this college, in this moment & I can't wait to figure it out.


Cassidy <3

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